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Wisconsin Vein Center

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Comments from patients, past and present…..

“There is no negativity that can be expressed. All was done in a good manner, as well as made to feel that the correct approach to the particular situation was chosen and carried through. Thank you!”


”The Doctors and nurses were very compassionate. I felt very secure in the treatment process. My legs feel great and look much better than they used to. Also, the Doctor never seemed to be in a rush to see his next patient. No one should be apprehensive about coming to the “Vein Center.”


“If I had known this whole process had very little pain I would have had my legs taken care of years ago!”


“I felt at ease from the moment I walked through the door and all through my procedures. Doctors and staff are so professional and compassionate that I have to say the experience was comforting-and my legs feel great.”


“I was very satisfied with all the treatment I received. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. It made the discomfort from the injections something I already forgot, but I could never forget how well I was treated by all. Thank you”


“I thanked you all on my last day and meant it. Please don’t ever change your ways, it was always what I counted on. The Doctors and their staff are perfect role models. I know where my vote goes. I shall be your supporter!”


“I’m very pleased with my treatments and will refer your office to family and friends. The Doctor always explained the procedures in detail in a way I could understand.”


“I felt very informed, procedures were thoroughly explained. Everyone was polite, professional and friendly! Recovery (if any) is brief after procedures-especially vein “stripping”. It is such an ominous title for a procedure with a bad rap in the past. I had little (if any) pain and returned back to work the next day (wearing my lovely support stockings of course).”


“The day after the laser closure of the veins in my right leg, I was able to bike and walk in complete comfort. I have nothing but praise for the friendly, professional and courteous way I was treated by the Doctors and entire staff. Thank you!”


“On my part- my only regret was that I didn’t come sooner. I’ve had a history of vein problems though out my family and thought- I either live with it or have the old vein stripping. My biggest heroes are the Doctors. They are the nicest I’ve ever met. They have given me more confidence about how I feel about myself and legs! They truly are wonderful, along with their staff. Thank you all”


“All questions I asked were answered thoroughly until I understood and felt comfortable about the treatment.”


“I would like to thank everyone for being so kind. The office staff helped very much with the insurance issues. The medical staff made me feel very comfortable with each procedure I experienced. I recommend the Wisconsin Vein Center to anyone with vein issues. I have spoken highly to several of my friends already.”


“Everything for me was calming. I never had a feeling of (I hate being there). For me I had several visits to back that up. I was told everything along the way and always felt safe. The staff was entirely wonderful and professional.”


“I feel that you already do everything necessary to inform and answer all concerns, everyone was friendly and helpful.”