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Patient Education

The purpose of this section of patient education in our website is to provide an overview on the subject of venous insufficiency disorders for the specific purpose of educating our patients or those individuals interested in this problem area affecting millions of people across our country and indeed, the world.

While you may find many highly developed websites, it is my intent to provide the reader with a basic level of information as well as provide appropriate links to what I feel are reputable websites. The following sections in this portion are by no means intended to be complete and thorough, but I hope to peak your interest with basic terminology, commonly used terms and a thirst for more education and understanding of this topic. Hopefully, by reading through these sections, we will gain a common language, and become familiar with anatomy, physiology and the effects of venous insufficiency upon the lower extremities and our general state of health so the meetings you have with me and members of my staff will be much more productive and afford you a higher level of understanding. It is my desire that you participate in decisions for your care as much as possible. I believe this is only possible when you are well informed.

Congratulations on finding your way to this site. I truly hope that you find it useful, meaningful and stimulating. If you find additional websites or information that you feel should be shared with other patients, we would delight in receiving your input on how to improve and facilitate this information.

Thank you again for your interest. I hope you enjoy navigating through the various topics that are prepared for you and that you find this interesting and rewarding. We wish you good health and “Happy Legs.”

Educational Topics

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